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Bliss@Home 1 | Tips in Creating a Home Yoga Sanctuary | Dedicating a Space

Staying Connected… Dedicating a SPACE for YOGA@HOME… Tips from Lindsay, My Butterfly Yoga.

Needing a little more motivation? Still trying to find a little “me” space? A seasoned Yogi looking to further enhance practice at home?

I will be offering a series of posts on this area; providing simple, low cost options to assist you in achieving a sense of BLISS@HOME

1) CHOOSING A SPACE: Allocating a space to practice will help you in staying consistent. • All you need is enough space for a mat, plus enough room to safely move around, and above too! • This could be a space next to your bed, a corner of a room, an alcove (for meditation), hallway, secluded balcony or patio, garage, spare room. • Keep in mind that you require a steady surface. You may need a wall nearby for inversions too. • Make it private, a place that feels secure and free from distractions. You could use a folding screen to partition an area off, put up a 'do not disturb' sign. • Natural light where possible or create the ambiance yourself with effective lighting which is safe and suits the area/ type of practice (dimmer switches? lamps?). • Consider temperature and ventilation. • Less is more. Declutter where possible. Uncluttered space assists an uncluttered mind.

• SEASONED YOGI? If you’ve been continually practicing in the same space maybe change your focal point? Start your practice facing a different direction? Consider multiple focal points as you transition between poses. Could you revisit these areas? Declutter where possible? Blank wall? Add a painting or other personal object to capture your focus.

🦋 Choose a space - make it happen - THERE IS ALWAYS SPACE FOR YOGA.

Next post will cover props, storage ideas and organisation.

Any questions? Contact me x



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