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Bliss@Home 2 | Tips in Creating a Home Yoga Sanctuary | Props, Storage Ideas and Organisation

Staying Connected… Dedicating a SPACE for YOGA@HOME… Tips from Lindsay, My Butterfly Yoga.

2): Props, Storage Ideas and Organisation.

When I first started practicing asana I remember feeling confused by all of the different props. What developed my practice was having the props by my mat. Being able to quickly access them in order to support my practice. I remember avoiding some poses, not enjoying them, not engaging into the pose or I pushed my body beyond its capabilities as the equipment was not readily available to assist me.

Don’t miss a pose or lose the enjoyment because you don’t have the prop at hand.

Each body is different, listen to your body, find the props that work for you.

I encourage you to use time away from the studio to be creative and explore your personal practice further, if you have any questions contact me.

PROPS: Yoga props are nice tools to have at hand to assist with balance, posture and support. If you DON'T HAVE YOGA PROPS at home, THAT'S FINE. You may have a few things around the home that will serve as suitable alternatives.

BLANKET: A highly versatile prop, always my personal go to and most used prop. Cotton is the most effective material in order to retain its shape and density. Maybe a cosy throw? Synthetic, fleecy blankets can still be used for some functions. A towel, folded/ rolled up? POSE EXAMPLES: Raising the hips in Sukhasana, easy pose. Support for knees in Cat-Cow. Warmth for final relaxation, Savasana.

YOGA BLOCKS ALTERNATIVE: A great alternative is a sturdy book or two. The average size of a block is 4 x 6 x 9 inches. POSE EXAMPLES: Raising the ground up for Equestrian pose (low lunge), Warrior 3. Supporting hips in Pigeon pose.

YOGA STRAP ALTERNATIVES: Metal loops not needed = bathrobe tie, thin scarf. Metal loops needed = a soft belt? woven belt? POSE EXAMPLES: Boat pose. Seated forward folds.

STORING Yoga equipment in one location: A basket? Ottoman? Trunk? Maybe restore an old piece of furniture?

ORGANISATION: I live in a snug, little flat, my yoga studio is a multipurpose space, therefore I have a short set up and set down. I have a small routine to get my space ready. It’s about the same amount of time as making a bed or completing a bowl full of washing/ drying up.

Further information relating to the set up/ set down will follow.

Next post… A Sense of Sound. x

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