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Bliss@Home 4 | Tips in Creating a Home Yoga Sanctuary | Exploring Scent in Your Space

Staying Connected… Dedicating a SPACE for YOGA@HOME... Tips from Lindsay, My Butterfly Yoga.

4): Exploring Scent in Your Space 👃

Adding Incense? Diffuser with a blend of Essential Oils? Essential Oil Spray?

Due to individual preferences, health reasons, this will not be an available option for all, I know. Hence why the majority of GROUP CLASSES I guide are ‘SCENT FREE’.

Like the ‘Sense of Sound post’, Scent and Yoga too is a personal choice. For some, including scent can add a sense of calm, invigorate, or even provide clarity. For others it’s an unwanted distraction. It can have the opposite effect inducing agitation and stress.

Considering exploring with scent?

INCENSE@HOME: I personally like to use incense when setting up and setting down my space for self-practice. I burn incense for 5 – 10 minutes, slightly away from the area in a well ventilated space. This creates mood and energy to the space, but is not too strong. I do not have incense burning during my practice, being rich in pranayama (breathing techniques.)

Due to SENSITIVITIES it’s taken a lot of trial and error for me to find a suitable product. I personally get on very well with SATYA INCENSE. They advise that they are deprived from natural resources, friendly to the environment and us also. They are a quality assured product too. My absolute favourite is ‘Karma’ (blue box.) I have previously purchased these from @missquirkykicks in Ipswich and Norwich open market.

ESSENTIALOILS@HOME: A DIFFUSER with a blend of essential oils may be more SUBTLE in your space at home. Or for a short term boost an ESSENTIAL OIL SPRAY to MIST the air.

Depending on your intentions and your scent preferences there are many different essential oils to consider for your practice. Here are a few ideas that may enhance your practice@home:

  • LEMONGRASS OIL (fresh lemony aroma) 🦋 A My Butterfly Yoga favourite 🦋 Complements an early morning practice, sun salutations, a pick me up if feeling sluggish.

  • SANDALWOOD OIL (woody scent with a hint of sweetness) Complements meditation, can assist with hectic thoughts by bringing focus, lifts mood.

  • CLARY SAGE OIL (earthy, floral and fruity scent) Complements warrior sequences, uplifting, can assist in balancing emotions.

  • LAVENDER OIL (fresh, sweet floral scent.) Complements an evening wind down practice, assists with anxiety, promotes relaxation.

I hope you've found this post helpful in achieving Bliss@Home with scent.

What's your preference?

1): A scent free class?

2): Use of incense?

3): Use of essential oils? What's your favourite and why?

Next post... Staying consistent in your home practice x

The information on this page is not medical advice. Consult with your doctor before using essential oils or starting a yoga practice.

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