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Bliss@Home 5 | Tips in Creating a Home Yoga Sanctuary | Staying Consistent in your Home Practice...

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Staying Connected... Dedicating a SPACE for YOGA@HOME... Tips from Lindsay, My Butterfly Yoga.

5): Staying Consistent in your Home Practice.

As the edges of lockdown continues to soften for some and lives begin to resemble vague familiarity, maintaining a consistent home yoga practice may raise challenges.

You may find even more tasks / commitments competing with your yoga time.

In this post I will be offering and sharing suggestions to assist you in this area.

Suggestions may seem that they should be easy to introduce/ incorporate, but they are not always. From my own personal experiences, I know it’s not easy.

I’ve spent a lot of time trailling what best works for me within my schedules.

I will have a consistent practice going then due to a change, small or large, I need to revisit this again.

So why a consistent practice?

The more you practice, the more benefits you will notice both on and off the mat; improved confidence, strength, flexibility, balance, energy, focus and concentration to name a few.

Too much time off may cause tendons, ligaments to begin to tighten again.

When you return to your mat you may experience feelings of frustration as a pose may become lesser available to you than before, mediation practice less satisfying.

You may push yourself a little too far resulting in injury. A consistent practice assists in keeping you safe.

1): Be Realistic | Keep it simple | Create a new habit:

Set realistic time frames and goals. What will work for you? Be honest and aim for that 😊

  • Once a week? That’s really beneficial, consider 1 ½ hour session? 1 hour session?

  • Two to Three times a week? This is great, consider 1 hour sessions? 45 minute sessions? 30 minute sessions?

  • Every day? This is great too, 45 minutes? 30 minutes? 15 minutes? 10 minutes?

If you find yourself not fully engaging into your home practice. You find your mind keeps floating off to other daily tasks, revisit the time of day, days or day of the week.

A successful home yoga and meditation practice is one that becomes a habit (like brushing your teeth, washing your face).

Consider pairing a new habit with an already strongly established habit, you will start to associate the two together.

🦋 Lindsay: My optimal time for self practice is in the early morning ahead of breakfast, I aim to practice daily.

2): Enjoy your practice | Be flexible with yourself:

It should be something that you enjoy and look forward to, not another ‘task’.

  • You find that it’s your allocated day and time and you’re not feeling 100% or just not feeling it.

This is fine, spend the time to focus on contemplative practices like journaling, meditation, go for a peaceful walk in nature.

Or reduce down your practice from the allocated 45 minutes to 30 minutes.

  • You find that you have the capacity to run over, spend a little more time….DO SO, maybe workshop a pose that was covered in a group class, spend a little extra time in savasana, add in a pranayama at the end.

  • You may have set out for a gentle practice, but soon realise whilst centering or after your warm up sequence that your body wants to move at a faster pace with abdominal strengthening poses.

Listen to your body, mind and needs.

🦋 Lindsay: If I find I am unable to dedicate early morning to my daily home practice I will move it to later in the day, a shorter session at lunchtime (ahead of food) if my schedule allows. Or failing that a 15 minute soothing, evening wind down practice ahead of bed.

3): Lay out your outfit, mat and props (see earlier post 2. Props Storage Ideas and Organisation):

Limit decisions and distractions!

Lay out your outfit, fill up your water bottle, have your mat at the ready / set up the area in advance.

🦋 Lindsay: I have my yoga outfit placed out ready the night before (as I would if I was heading to a yoga class at the studio.) This doesn’t give me the opportunity to then decide to slip into the outfit that I will be wearing for the day ahead resulting in a missed practice. I’ve found it also helps with maintaining my allocated yoga time, not starting later than planned.

4): Add reminders/ items to your home that INSPIRE YOU:


  • Schedule a reminder into your electronic diary? LEAVE YOUR FUTURE SELF A MOTIVATIONAL MESSAGE?

  • Post it notes containing positive affirmations? Your intentions? Your upcoming goals? Add them to a place where you will see them?

  • Add a yoga related image on a wall or another home décor item?

🦋 Lindsay: I have a small ornament of an elephant that was given to me as a gift, it’s in my window. I see it every morning as I open my curtains and it reminds me and inspires me to set up my space and roll out my mat.

5): Reward yourself | Positive reinforcement.

There is nothing more effective than treating yourself.


Consider planning out specific rewards for yourself when you practice consistently, you may set your first treat at two weeks, then monthly or bi-monthly after this.

This will help make your journey even more exciting, keep you motivated.

Choose something on your wish list that uplifts you, inspires you, supports your positive and healthy lifestyle.

🦋 Lindsay: I have just treated myself to a new pair of yoga trousers from one of my favourite boutiques @girlsloveroses I look forward to wearing them at future sessions I guide.

I hope you find these 5 tips helpful.

What other techniques and suggestions do you have for keeping consistent in your home practice? I’d love to hear from you alternatively add a comment to inspire myself and others.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of posts Staying Connected… BLISS@HOME.

I will be adding further posts to support your home practice.



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