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Healing through Yoga | 'I've finally found ease in easy pose'

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

'Jo, a busy Mum who when not on her mat can be found hiding in the haberdashery.'

Several years ago I was involved in a serious car accident and while I fully recovered from my injuries some of my joints, particularly my hip joint, and especially in cold, damp weather often caused me discomfort which affected my flexibility and range of motion.

I felt this needed some serious action, I could barely touch my knees let alone my toes! I could not sit crossed leg (easy pose) as it caused me too much discomfort. I found that working at the office, sitting at my desk all day wasn’t helping either, in fact some days I felt very stiff and ached. There had been occasions when sitting at work or on the sofa at home for a long period I'd struggled to move because my hip became so stiff.

So I decided to give yoga a go to help combat the stiffness and aches, to improve my flexibility and range of motion.

I’d previously explored different styles of fitness classes and beginners yoga, I’m already practiced in meditation and love learning about aromatherapy and decided to give weekly one to one sessions a go in holistic yoga. I’ve already seen a real difference and improvement with my hip over the past 10 months.

Sessions are tailored to suit my individual needs and target my ‘problem areas’. I always come away feeling relaxed and energised for the day ahead, taking away a handful of tools, specific postures and short sequences to incorporate into my daily routine.

With frequent practice I can now almost reach my ankles which is a huge improvement in my flexibility and I finally can sit cross legged easily without any discomfort or need for props.

I’ve found in practicing yoga regularly my posture and core strength has really improved. It has helped me in being more relaxed with less aches, I sleep much better as well.

I will soon be a Nanna and I’m looking forward to cuddling my future grandson comfortably on the sofa and continuing my daily meditation and self-care routine with ease when in easy pose.

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